New Addition in Jarvis Street: Townhouse 25 Jarvis

View from roof terrace
View from roof terrace 25 Jarvis Street Townhouse

We just added a new house in Jarvis Street: 25 Jarvis Street Townhouse. This spacious house is situated next to the B&B.

It has two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and an additional bathroom, and caters for up to 4 persons. It has a lounge, a tv room, a kitchen, a roof terrace, a balcony and a patio.

We now offer four self-catering houses next to each other in Jarvis Street, making them ideal for larger groups who travel together and want to stay close to each other.

In Jarvis Street we can accommodate up to 18 persons now.

Our accommodations in Jarvis Street
The Purple House accommodations in Jarvis Street

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