Purple House gets New Colour

After almost 13 years we changed the colour of our purple house into turquoise.

As a salute to the previous colour we painted the front door purple.

We feel the turquoise colour works very well in the Cape Town sun. And at night it radiates light.

So when you come to 23 Jarvis Street to check in at Purple House for one of our self-catering units, look for the turquoise house. Our name Purple House Accommodations will not be changed.

Purple House check-in address
Check-in address for Purple House Accommodations: 23 Jarvis Street

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  1. Ruth Mengisen
    December 12, 2022

    Ich wünsche euch mit der neuen Farbe viel Glück und weiterhin Erfolg! Ich vergesse unsere Aufenthalte bei euch nie. Wir haben CT genossen! Bleibt gesund! Liebe Grüsse Ruth

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