Our background

We met in 1983 and moved from Amsterdam to Cape Town in February 2010. Guido’s background was in nursing, Henk’s in management and consulting. We started the Purple House Bed and Breakfast in 2010. In the following year we started managing self-catering accommodations. In 2020 we stopped the bed and breakfast and started concentrating on managing self-catering accommodations.

1. Our Languages
We speak English, German, French and Dutch.
2. Culture
We love theatre, concerts and museums, so we are happy to advise you on what is on what Cape Town has to offer in that field
3. Food
We also love good food and visiting the newest restaurants in Cape Town. And we love to advise our guests which are restaurants they might like.
4. Colour
We painted our house purple when we moved in and after that one after the other of the houses next to us introduced colourful facades, which has really added to the atmosphere in our street. In 2022 we changed the colout of our house, which is also the check-in address for our guests, in turquoise. Now the only purple element is the door.
5. Sustainability
We try to run our business on a sustainable basis. Products we use are organic whenever we can obtain them.
About us
About us
About us
About us
About us